April 1'st

Happy April Fools' Day!

This month our site moves to less frequent schedule. New comics are planned to come out twice a week.


On 01.04.2015 there will be something spectacular...

50 Comics Old!

Today's a big date! Exactly 50 comics ago our site began sailing the web.


Important announcement

This entire week the new comics will be appearing on the site twice a day.

Welcome to the Volkoff-Net project’s web site!

On our web site you'll get tons of positive emotions! Our comics (by the humble authorship of Dolf "The Almighty" Volkoff) will bring you a lot of laughs, joy... and Ninja!

A word from the author:

I'm very glad to see you all on our web site! Hope you’ll like what we're doing here and will become our regular readers. Discussing our comics is not punishable by any law and is allowed in all parts of the world, as well as in the comment sections, and also through e-mail messages to the address mail@nscript.ru. You’re absolutely welcome to speak up – we really would like to know your thoughts about our works.

Should you feel like helping our project financially, you can do that through the donation page.

And now, let’s bring some comics!