Terms Of Use

General provisions

This site (hereinafter referred to as Site) is a property of its domain owner, which allows said owner to establish and enforce these rules (hereinafter referred to as Rules), be that by himself, or through an assigned moderator.

In its actions the administration of the Site (hereinafter referred to as Administration) takes guidance from the laws of Russian Federation and from the Rules.

The Administration has the right to change the Rules without notifying any of the participants personally. The information about such changes will be published in the site’s news section.

Any user information is being submitted to the Site without pre-moderation.

Every message submitted by users represents their own personal opinion that can be different from the Administration’s opinion. The Administration does not guarantee that any of the information contained in users’ messages is true or represents any real facts.

The Administration is not liable for users’ personal opinions and suggestions that they publish on the Site’s pages, as well as for any deals or other kinds of relations (including commodity-money relations) between the site’s users.

The Administration is not liable for any author’s rights infringement done by users.

In the case if some information on the Site infringes someone’s author’s rights their owner can contact the Administration about this via the contact e-mail address provided on the help page.

The Administration reserves the right to delete messages and other materials that don’t comply with the Rules or contain information that violates the laws of Russian Federation (including the laws about author’s rights), without giving any reason.

The Administration is not liable for any participants’ actions outside of the Site’s boundaries, as well as for any information (including harmful information) that is hosted on any third-party resources.

The rules of conduct

The Rules are available for reading. Before signing up to this site, every user must carefully read the Rules. By agreeing to the Rules, a user agrees to be bound by them.

It is forbidden for anyone to use the Site for any actions that violate current laws of Russian Federation, including fomenting of racial, ethnic or religious animosity.

Choice of your username is your sole right.

Any user is forbidden to be logged in to the Site under different usernames at the same time.

Advertising of third-party websites, obscene language in the text of usernames and/or messages are forbidden.

Spam of any kind (including refspam) is forbidden.

Any comments submitted to a Site’s material should be related to the said material.

Insulting and aberrant behavior by participants directed at others are not approbated.

Avoid quoting other participants’ full messages. If quoting is absolutely needed, please make sure to pick the most relevant sentence or question, in relation of which is your response.

While composing your messages, to make your thoughts as clear as possible to other participants, please follow the rules of English language.

Please avoid upper case only text in your messages. To visually emphasize some words/phrases, please use BB-codes, the buttons for which are located near the comment input field.

In case of violating the Rules

For violating the Rules there can be these types of reaction:

  • Censoring the part of message that violates the Rules;
  • Notification about violating the Rules (created directly in the comments’ branch, where the violation took place);
  • Deletion of the violating message/discussion;
  • Banning the violator from participating in discussions (including a ban for a defined period of time);
  • Deletion of the participant’s user profile (after repeated flagrant violations of the Rules).

The type of reaction depends on the severity of the violation.