Privacy policy

1. The aim of the privacy policy

The purpose of the privacy policy is to help our users protect their rights and liberties with regard to processing of their personal data, including the rights to privacy of personal or family life.

The privacy policy outlines:

2. The purpose of data collection

We collect data in the interest of our site’s users and the site itself. The purpose of data collection is to grant our users technological access to the site’s resources. Disclosure of any user’s personal data is possible only in the interest of the user – personal data subject – and only with the user’s consent.

3. What data is being collected

We collect data that helps us improve our services – from the site’s display settings, to more complex functions.

In order to use many of our services a user is required to create a user profile on our site. When creating a profile we request some data from you, for example, username, e-mail address etc., and save it in your profile. If you wish, you can create a public profile, where you can add your name, date of birth etc. and add a user picture (avatar).

4. How the collected data is being used

We use the collected data to provide more comfortable use of our services for our users.

5. How users can access and update their data

Users on their own make sure that the data in their profile is up-to-date by viewing and changing it on their profile page. To completely delete a user’s profile the user can send us an e-mail message from the e-mail address associated with the profile. Our contact information is listed on our help page.

6. How we protect users’ data

We protect the most important user data from unauthorized access by third parties.

Data, such as password and e-mail address is hidden from third parties by default. We also encrypt all passwords before storing them in our database. A user has an option to make his e-mail address visible to all registered users or to all the visitors of our site by changing corresponding settings in his profile.

We don’t verify the authenticity of any of the collected data, and thus none of the data can be used to determine the identity of a user. We only verify your access to the provided e-mail address at the time of registration.

7. What data is being stored on a user’s web browser

For the convenience of our users regarding the use of some functions (for example, the function to log in to a user’s profile) our site can exchange some cookie files needed by the functions with a user’s web browser.

Users on their own can set what data is accepted by their browser in the browser settings, but some of our services can become inaccessible after such changes.