Ninja #81 "Crossword"

Дольф Волкофф
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Panel 1.

The panel shows a close up of a ninja’s ghost with a pen in his head.

Panel 2.

The panel shows the ghost of a ninja with a newspaper in his hand in front of a fence. The ghost is looking around.

Ghost (in his thoughts): Ow… What happened to me? Am I dead? The last thing I remember: I was doing a crossword puzzle and couldn’t guess one word…

Panel 3.

The ghost opens the newspaper.

Ghost (in his thoughts): Here’s that same newspaper! Even after death I can’t get that word out of my mind!

Panel 4.

The panel shows a guy looking in terror at the ghost flying towards him. The ghost takes out the bloody pen out of his head.

Ghost (to the guy): Excuse me. Can you help me with…?

Panel 5.

The panel shows the ghost of a ninja, the guy and a young woman. The guy flees the panel. The woman is looking in terror at the ghost.

Ghost (to the woman): And you, madam? Can you spare a...?

Panel 6.

The panel shows the ghost of a ninja and the woman. The woman has fainted.

Ghost (looking at the newspaper): Drat! How do I solve you?!

Panel 7.

The panel shows the ghost of a ninja looking with a surprise at a graffiti on the fence.

Ghost: Oh!

Panel 8.

The panel shows the ghost from behind. The ghost is looking at the word «A…HOLE!» on the fence. The middle part of the word is partially hidden by the back of the ghost’s head.

Panel 9.

The panel shows the ghost who had opened the newspaper. The ghost takes the bloody pen to the newspaper.

Ghost: Fits perfectly!

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